September was an exciting month for FDS as it continues its growth, mature and expands its system capacity and capabilities, looks forward to the near term on boarding of an extraordinary group of new personnel and develops diverse challenges for its employees. 
Overarching the month’s achievements was the continued and successful focus on dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.  This remains FDS’s primary objective.
Remarkably, even in this year blighted by this terrible virus, FDS continues at a pace to meet its financial performance metrics for 2020.  This success is attributable to the continued initiative of our employees, the uniqueness of our offerings, and the steadfast commitment to the goals of our clients.  Congratulations to all.
On a more personal note a shout out to Ben Levitt, our Director of security.  Ben led a High Holiday food drive at his synagogue and collected over 400 bags of non-perishable foods from its congregation.  The food was donated to Elizabeth house, an all volunteer food pantry and soup kitchen in Laurel.  
Finally, thanks to all those who participated in our Insider Threat Trivia competition with special congratulations to the four winners:  Ian Lee, James Limongelli, John Rehmert and Josh White.