Leadership Team


Lonny is a recognized leader in intelligence operations, with over 40 years of experience serving the Department of Defense (DoD), the Intelligence Community (IC), and now the commercial sector.  His 21 years of service in the US Army and 15 years at the National Security Agency/Central Security Service (NSA) provided Lonny with unparalleled operational SIGINT/cyber knowledge and insight.  At the NSA, he served as Deputy Director, Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), Technology Director, and Director of NSA’s 24/7 Operations Center.  At the forefront of our national intelligence mission, particularly in counterterrorism and SIGINT operations.  Lonny dramatically improved the way the NSA collects, delivers, and shares information to directly support our nation’s decision makers and armed forces.  Today, Lonny leads FDS in the development of unique and diverse intelligence mission capabilities to support its clients in both the public and private sector in the advancements of their mission requirements.


Howie is a business minded attorney who leads in the development of creative legal solutions to support the needs of FDS and its clients. Before joining FedData, Howie served as legal counsel to ThreatConnect where he supported both commercial and government programs and was deeply involved in successful government capture efforts.  Prior to ThreatConnect, Howie worked on the legal teams at a small systems integrator in Arlington, VA, Booz Allen Hamilton, Fidelis Cybersecurity and General Dynamics. ​


Gwen has more than 20 years of experience in corporate compliance oversight and federal Government business practices. Prior to assuming the responsibilities as a Chief Administrative Officer at FDS, she was a founding member of KEYW, also serving as Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer. Here, she was responsible for compliance with the government regulations and corporate policies, as well as reviewing best practices to ensure KEYW continued operating in the most responsive manner. Gwen is a member of the National Contracts Management Association and is a Certified Federal Contracts Manager.

Charlie Bradley
Chief technical officer

Charlie is the Chief Technical Officer for Feddata.  He has over 40 years of combined experience in government service and private industry, having served in multiple technical and operational leadership positions at senior levels.  His current responsibilities include oversight of enterprise IT services and information security programs, to include NIST800-171 compliance; consultant to commercial and government clients on the assessment and implementation of enterprise cybersecurity programs; and consulting subject matter expertise in RF countermeasures.  During his government career he gained deep experience and expertise in the development and use of a broad range of SIGINT collection/exploitation and Information Assurance capabilities. Served as Principal senior technical advisor to a huge organization with employees worldwide, with functions spanning analytic mission capabilities, information technology, business systems, and the technical health of networks and systems. 

Cory Tasker
Chief financial officer

Cory is the Executive Vice President of Finance, Treasurer and the Chief Financial Officer of FedData. Cory is a highly talented financial executive that qualifies as a financial expert defined by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Specific areas of expertise include strategy development and execution, Treasury and Risk Management, operations management, M&A (where is has successfully completed approximately 28 Mergers & Acquisitions and related Integrations) , SEC reporting, internal controls, restructuring, process improvement and systems implementation. Until December 2016, Cory was Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer at Enterprise Technologies (formerly Telecommunications Systems Inc.)  where he successfully positioned the company for sale which was completed in February 2016.  Cory was previously the CFO for DRS.

Cory has a Bachelor of Science from Husson University and a graduate from the Northeast School of Banking.


Dan was previously the Vice President of Operations of FedData having joined the company in 2013. He began his career serving in the United States Government as Director of Operations, Army Information Technology Agency where he was responsible for performance of much of the US Army’s IT infrastructure. Dan previously served as Director, Pentagon Data Center and Chief, Server Management Division and Chief of the Enterprise Services Division of the Army ITA as well as in various capacities for the Army G6.


Wayne is a recognized technical leader in cybersecurity and software development, advising both government and commercial clients on enhancing cybersecurity capabilities. His 16 years of service at the NSA brings broad experience from the SIGINT, Computer Network Operations (CNO), Information Security, and IT missions. Most recently, he served as Chief Operations Officer for the NSA’s CNO Capabilities organization, responsible for overseeing the development, deployment, and support of both offensive and defensive cyber operations. Wayne works with clients to “think like the adversary”, helping them develop and implement cybersecurity programs through continued assessment of their cyber environment. He offers clients expertise with incident response, including the procedures, analysis and forensics capabilities needed to respond to a cyber-attack.


Nancy formerly served as an Operations Officer within the Intelligence Community, specializing in denied area tradecraft, along with counterintelligence and counterterrorism. Ms. Dillman speaks multiple languages and has traveled and worked across the globe.  Following her government service, Ms. Dillman set out to develop data analytic products that would offer real-world US Government solutions.  She became the majority owner and CEO of Rsignia Inc. in February 2015.  Ms. Dillman oversaw and led the acquisition of Rsignia by FedData Holdings in November 2019. ​


Adam has nearly twenty years of experience in the Intelligence Community, from supporting signal intelligence operations to providing direct threat intelligence support and malware analysis. Mr. Mumma brings his extensive knowledge and expertise to FDS as he builds and leads a workforce of highly technical experts required to meet the ever-changing challenges of our government clients.