Discovery (Cyber/Intel) Analytics

Discovery (Cyber/Intel) Analytics strives to develop a workforce of technical experts that can tackle its client’s most difficult challenges. This is based by creating an environment focused on teamwork, integrity, diversity, and technical excellence. ​​

  • Network Analysis – External/Internal Threat Assessment
  • Cyber Forensics Support – Forensic Analysis & Malware Reverse Engineering
  • Language Analysis
  • Analytical Solutions
  • Data Flow Analysis
  • SIGINT Development
  • Target Digital Network Analysis – DNI/DNR
  • Computer Network Operations – CND & CNE
  • Discovery and Intelligence Support for IC and DoD missions
  • Cryptography – Encryption at Rest; Encryption During Transfer; Data Modeling and Vulnerability Analysis
  • Cyber Security and Multi-Source Cyber Intelligence & Fusion Analysis
  • Joint Cyber Operational Planning

Wayne is a recognized technical leader in cybersecurity and software development, advising both government and commercial clients on enhancing cybersecurity capabilities. His 16 years of service at the NSA brings broad experience from the SIGINT, Computer Network Operations (CNO), Information Security, and IT missions. Most recently, he served as Chief Operations Officer for the NSA’s CNO Capabilities organization, responsible for overseeing the development, deployment, and support of both offensive and defensive cyber operations. Wayne works with clients to “think like the adversary”, helping them develop and implement cybersecurity programs through continued assessment of their cyber environment. He offers clients expertise with incident response, including the procedures, analysis and forensics capabilities needed to respond to a cyber-attack.