Discovery (Cyber/Intel) Analytics

Discovery (Cyber/Intel) Analytics strives to develop a workforce of technical experts that can tackle its client’s most difficult challenges. This is based by creating an environment focused on teamwork, integrity, diversity, and technical excellence. ​​

  • Network Analysis – External/Internal Threat Assessment
  • Cyber Forensics Support – Forensic Analysis & Malware Reverse Engineering
  • Language Analysis
  • Analytical Solutions
  • Data Flow Analysis
  • SIGINT Development
  • Target Digital Network Analysis – DNI/DNR
  • Computer Network Operations – CND & CNE
  • Discovery and Intelligence Support for IC and DoD missions
  • Cryptography – Encryption at Rest; Encryption During Transfer; Data Modeling and Vulnerability Analysis
  • Cyber Security and Multi-Source Cyber Intelligence & Fusion Analysis
  • Joint Cyber Operational Planning